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Antelope Canyon (in BnW)

Earlier this month in the second round of my Iceland Series I talked about how sometimes when I go to places that are "musts" for photographers I try to look at shooting a little differently. Digital photography is so accessible today that anyone with a few hundred dollars can get their hands on a pretty nice piece of photographic equipment. What this means is, if you want to stand out you have to be unique.

Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona absolutely fits the bill as one of those places that every photographer must visit. Oddly enough, it seems like every photographer has. The iconic images highlight the colorful walls of the slot canyon, and the lucky ones get to witness beams of light shining through from above. All of these photos have been done and done and done again. In my research though, I didn't really see many black and white versions of the canyon. So, naturally, as someone who loves to shoot in black and white I decided to take it upon myself to start the movement (<--- sarcasm). Well, here it goes, Antelope Canyon in Black and White.

Well, not so many words this time but hopefully the photos speak for themselves.

Until the next time, Ian

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