Iceland (Part 3): On the Road in the East

Boy has it been a long time since my last post. I'm sorry people, I hope you lived without my silly jokes (I am funny right?). Anyways, I'm back and I'm ready to pick up where I last left off which was southern Iceland exiting an ice cave. If you happened to miss parts 1 and 2 you can find them HERE.

If there is one thing I can say about Iceland, it would be that the landscape is stunningly beautiful. Every turn brings a new unbelieveable vista, a new jaw dropping mountainscape, a new ridiculous water body. I have to say, being a passenger in the car with a photographer who is driving through Iceland must really test one's patience. Fortunately I will never have to experience that because I get to be the photographer (take that Tali!)

As anticlimactic as it is to make you all wait 6 weeks for a new post so you can read my beautiful words, I am actually just going to let the photos speak for themselves on this one. All I can say about this first set is that they were taken on the road between Hof and Höfn in the southeast and drive that theoretically should take an hour and a half. Needless to say we didn't quite make it that quickly.

After arriving in Höfn we drove around a bit and I found my obligatory herd of Icelandic horses shots. These creatures are absolutely amazing. They are stocky tiny horses (don't call them ponies!) that stay outside throughout the Icelandic winter. Oh, and they love people and are super friendly so that's pretty cool too.

We finally decided to settle in for the night, but not before I scouted a shot that I really wanted for sunrise. Now, sometimes the weather gods smile on you and sometimes they take a big ol' number 2 in your bed and as a photographer you just have to live with it. Fortunately for me the gods took mercy and i was granted the right to this sunrise.

Including this award winning (not so humble brag) shot:

After sunrise, we struck out for town, has some breakfast and took a dip in an outdoor hot tub before heading up the coast for the east fjords. But that, friends, is a story for another day.

Until the next time (hopefully sooner than 6 weeks),


If you missed the first two parts, you can find the whole series HERE.

As always, many of these photos are for sale HERE. Check it out, they make great gifts! If you are looking for something and can't find it, shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to help.


Camera - Nikon D3

Lens - Nikkor 24-70 f2.8

Tripod - Slik

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